Media And Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment sector in India has never stopped changing, and we have never stopped learning and helping clients adapt and thrive. By opening up and relaxing the entry barriers for foreign investments (foreign direct investments/FDI as well as indirect investments) in certain key areas of this sector, the Government of India has provided the sector the much needed impetus to growth.

Across advertising and marketing, film and television, music, sports, technology, telecoms, internet, social media, video gaming, interactive or beyond, our lawyers understand the issues facing businesses today, and can help you anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Our advocates render advice in the creative domain pertaining to their legal needs in matters like, contract law, agreements, regulations, marketing and advertisement, defamation (slander and libel), financial queries etc.

Our understanding of the most complex deals and our overall knowledge of the digital media and technology sector allow us to function promptly and effectively in increasingly competitive environments.

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