Civil Litigaton

A civil litigation, also known as a “litigator” or a “trial lawyer”, represents clients across various proceedings, which includes pretrial hearings, depositions, drafting legal documents and papers, presenting the same in the respective courts, giving legal advice to the distressed client ,going for arbitration, before administrative agencies or court personnel as per required to the needs of that particular case.

The work of a civil litigator is very intricate and multi-faceted. He faces new challenges every day, as every case, with its complexities, has its own narrative, its own facts. It’s the work of a civil litigator to find and separate the facts from the narrative and procure a judgment in clients favor. Our team, at P & V Legal , has more than the requisite experience in the court of law. They have impeccable research and negotiation skills, with analytical as well as logical reasoning, interpersonal skills, and knowledge about drafting, conducting depositions, rendering sound and effective advice to the clients.

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