Anti trust competition Law in India

Over the past years, Antitrust and competition regulations have become more local in scope and more approachable to the needs of a common man, which raises the bar in today’s competitive business environment, leading to a company being more prone to litigation risk. So, it becomes very critical for a company to protect its interest, its strategy, its prestige, if it wants to thrive in this economy.

Our team provides consultancy services on varied issues such as cartels, leniency applications, anti-competitive agreements, concession arrangements, abuse of a dominant position, joint ventures, distribution systems, merger control, interface with IPRs and sector regulators, state aids, subsidy and consumer law, supply and distribution, pricing, marketing, mergers, acquisitions, amalgamation, licensing, research, etc. We also specialize in drafting claims, counter-claims, replies, rejoinders, representations, etc. pertaining to competition law in India and abroad.

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